In March, PiAP was looking forward to two big events, the Diversity in Aging Symposium and the Power of Partnership Party.  But COVID-19 had other plans.

Thanks to our terrific PiAP team members and our ready partners, Orange County Rural Alliance (OCRA), Maple View Farms, and Latta Eggs,  we have made a fast pivot and are now providing milk, butter and eggs to rural Orange County seniors.  As if isolating in self-quarantine isn’t hard enough – going without hot food delivery is especially difficult for 42 seniors served by OCRA’s meal program.  Now, fresh milk, butter and eggs are being delivered every other week alongside 10 frozen meals provided by OCRA.

We are fortunate that a PiAP donor reallocated their gift in response to the changes resulting from COVID-19. However, the funds will soon be depleted.  Today, we’re asking you to help, if you can.  With your gift of twenty dollars ($20) , we can pack and deliver one bag containing milk, butter, and eggs to a rural senior.  Please donate today so we can continue making a difference!   THANK YOU for sharing your excitement about our continued efforts to make Orange County a great place to grow older.

All donations will be used to purchase milk, eggs, and butter during the COVID-19 situation. If the COVID-19 situation resolves prior to all funds being spent. All funds will be donated to the Orange County Rural Alliance to support nutritional needs of rural older adults in Orange County.