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The Partnerships in Aging Program has both led and supported a variety of initiatives aimed to foster intergenerational dialogue and civic engagement among students, aging professionals and researchers, and the surrounding community.  Past initiatives are described below:


COVID-19 Support for Rural Seniors

In March 2020, PiAP was looking forward to two big events, the Diversity in Aging Symposium and the Power of Partnership Party.  But COVID-19 had other plans.

Thanks to our terrific PiAP team members and our ready partners, Orange County Rural Alliance (OCRA), Maple View Farms, and Latta Eggs,  we were able to make a fast pivot and partnered with  Orange County Rural Alliance to provide milk, butter, and eggs to rural Orange County seniors.  As if isolating in self-quarantine isn’t hard enough – going without hot food delivery was especially difficult for 42 seniors served by OCRA’s meal program.  Through the food delivery initiative fresh milk, butter, and eggs were delivered every other week alongside 10 frozen meals provided by OCRA.

Long Term Care Collaborative

Led by Orange County’s Department on Aging, community advocates, and the Partnerships in Aging Program, seven long term care organizations participated in a year-long effort to improve the quality of their care.  The final theme was “The Comfort Zone” and focused on palliative care and everyday joys for clients and staff.  At the end of the year, participating organizations were eligible for a Quality Service Award and were recognized by the Board of County Commissioners.

Orange County Long Term Care leaders goofing around at a recent meeting of the Collaborative.

Living Long Lives

Photographer Chris Richman explored the passion and vibrancy of living a long life. What do we do with passion and meaning? How do we address abilities that have become diminished? How do people of different ages perceive the aging experience?  The photographic exhibit was displayed in Fall 2016.  UNC students from Comparative Literature assisted Chris with the narrative to support her photographs.

Photographer Chris Richman

Courage Cocktail Radio Series: Long Lives Long View

Partnerships in Aging enjoyed working with the Courage Cocktail Radio Hour. Producer and host Lee Ann McClymont created a five-part radio series broadcasting over WCOM LPFM, Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC, which featured five, hour-long radio shows examining current experiences in aging in Orange County through the lens of innovators, academics, volunteers, and artists. The series featured live interviews with guests of different backgrounds all of whom share a common interest in leading vibrant and productive lives throughout the entire course of their lifespans. Click here for a description of each episode plus links to the podcasts.

Producer and host Lee Ann McClymont

Fighting Ageism:  Be Bold, Claim Old Campaign

The project, led by Amy Gorely, Vice President of Strategy and Outreach at Carolina Meadows, challenges ageist views of youth as the gold standard.  The campaign suggests that we all get to decide how “old” is valued.  It starts with accepting and celebrating every age.  UNC’s  Partnerships in Aging Program is collaborating to advance and disseminate the campaign.  Be Bold, Claim Old was launched in a two-minute TED-inspired talk. The campaign aims to spark a new way of thinking about aging.

To learn more about the Be Bold Claim Old campaign, click here. To watch a short video presentation about the Be Bold, Claim Old Campaign, click here.


Aging in Community: Planning for Our Future Series

Led by Orange County’s Department on Aging with support from the Partnerships in Aging Program, Aging in Community was a series of community conversations about key issues related to transportation and housing for older adults.  Launched in 2012,  PiAP has hosted community events to learn about and discuss topics such as budgeting in later life, innovations in senior housing, and becoming a creative genius (again!).

Community members discuss long term care.