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PiAP Update: April 2024

The Office of the Provost at UNC-Chapel Hill has determined that the Partnerships in Aging Program does not currently fit within the Office of the Provost’s strategies for campus centers and institutes. As a result, PiAP will conclude on June 30, 2024.

The PiAP website will be online through December 31, 2024. Some resources on the PiAP website may be migrated to a new website related to an emerging aging-related collaborative, to be published at a later date. Please take this opportunity to download any resources you may wish to preserve from this website.

This webpage features aging-related deliverables, products, and resources created and managed by PiAP’s community partners and university partners, often in collaboration with PiAP.

Orange County Department on Aging Resources

PiAP supports the Orange County Department on Aging with several initiatives, including implementation and evaluation of its five-year Master Aging Plans and development of the Orange County Senior Housing Guide.

UNC Resources on Aging

The Health Sciences Library maintains multiple resources on aging, including guidance for students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners as well as consumer-oriented information to help people make informed aging-related health care decisions.

Solo Agers

PiAP works with a small group of community members who identify as Solo Agers—older adults who are making decisions about their future independently—to explore the unique legal, health, financial, and social issues of living life while flying solo.

Conscious Aging Digital Bookshelf

A partnership between PiAP, Second Journey, and the Orange County Department on Aging, the Conscious Aging Digital Bookshelf is a collection of books, articles, and movies that explore the idea of aging with an ethic of mindfulness, service, and community.

Reflections & Stories

PiAP is enriched by the wisdom of countless community members, partners, and team members. In various moments, we have compiled reflections and stories related to experiences of aging.

COVID-19 Planning Tool

The Orange County Department on Aging developed this resource to encourage all Orange County residents to plan for emergency situations and communicate medical and end-of-life wishes to friends, family members, or other trusted people.

Crescent Magnolia Report

Under the direction of Jenny Womack, PhD, MA, OTR/L, SCDCM, eight UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students partnered with PiAP and Habitat for Humanity of Orange County to document the process of building the Crescent Magnolia community, a first-of-its-kind community offering affordable homeownership options for adults 60 and older in Hillsborough, NC.

Partnerships in Aging Consortium Think Tank (PACTT)

On March 28, 2019, PiAP facilitated an inaugural think tank to form a consortium around ongoing aging-related work and interests that bridge university and community efforts, developing a set of priorities and imagining new aging-related initiatives.