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PiAP Update: April 2024

UNC-Chapel Hill has determined that the Partnerships in Aging Program does not currently fit within the Office of the Provost’s strategies for campus centers and institutes. As a result, PiAP will conclude on June 30, 2024.

We continue to develop collaboration in aging on campus to connect those engaged in aging-related research, education, and community engagement initiatives. This will not replace PiAP and will not be funded as a center within the Office of the Provost. This initiative emerges from grassroots, cross-campus interest in creating tools and strategies that will advance aging-related community partnerships, education and training, and research.

As our position at the University transitions, stable and sustainable support will ensure this collaboration can continue. Your support will bolster the coalition-building work we are undertaking to develop a collaborative aging-related coalition on campus. 

Support Aging-Related Collaboration at UNC


No matter how much you give, we value your partnership as we work to make our university and community places where every age is celebrated and where elderhood is viewed as a time for continued adaptation, growth, and contribution. In partnership, we can foster a vision of later life that is full of growth and community engagement opportunities for both students and community members.