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The Partnerships in Aging Program (PiAP) collaborates with key institutions and organizations to find innovative solutions to issues around aging and longevity.  We are interested in talking to people who are ready to engage in conversations, and actions, that are aligned with PiAP’s mission.  We want to challenge stereotypes and current thinking that frames later life as a time of diminishment and loss.  We know that with appropriate support, older age can be a time to adapt, grow, and give back. If you are interested in forging a new partnership, please contact us at

Current Partners

Orange County Department on Aging

The tagline of this county department is Endless Possibilities. How fitting! The Department on Aging serves as a focal point for the coordinated community and individualized programs designed to foster the well-being and engagement of older adults at all levels of ability. PiAP partners with the Department on Aging to support the Master Aging Plan, Project Engage, Senior Housing, and the Aging in Community Speaker Series.

Northside Community and the Marian Cheek Jackson Center

The Marian Cheek Jackson Center is dedicated to preserving the future of historically Black neighborhoods in Chapel Hill, NC.  Our mission is to honor, renew, and build community in the Northside & Pine Knolls neighborhoods of Chapel Hill.  We do this work through:

  • Community-driven change that engages the wisdom of youth voices
  • The power of civil rights history
  • The struggles and strengths of generations of long-term residents
  • The insight of all who work, live, play, serve, and worship in Northside neighborhoods
  • Partnership across multiple lines of difference

Today, Northside and Pine Knolls are among the most racially, ethnically, and economically diverse neighborhoods in the region. PiAP and the Jackson Center are collaborating to explore opportunities for intergenerational housing that brings UNC students together with Northside elders who need some assistance but do not want to move out of the neighborhood.

UNC Center for Aging and Health

We are facing a huge shortfall in preparing a workforce specially trained in geriatrics and gerontology.  The Center for Aging in Health has recently expanded its reach to ensure that professionals from many disciplines are trained to care for older adults.  Particularly, the Center is crafting new initiatives to train emerging practitioners to work in teams. PiAP partners with the Center for Aging and Health to evaluate educational programming in Interprofessional Education.

Community members outline their healthcare goals
Community members document their healthcare goals