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Solo Agers

Solo agers are older adults who make decisions about their future independently. PiAP works with a small group of community members who identify as solo agers to explore the unique legal, health, financial, and social issues of living life beyond traditional notions of “family.” Learn more about our Solo Agers initiative.

Linking Generations in Northside (LINK)

LINK is a collaboration with the Marian Cheek Jackson Center to connect UNC-Chapel Hill students with older residents in the Northside community. Students and residents share, learn, and grow together in a mutual partnership of social support. Learn more about LINK.

Northside Residential Fellowship (NRF) Program

NRF, in partnership with LINK, creates a living-learning household focused on aging and health equity. NRF creates a space for UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students to become active members of the Northside community and establish a multigenerational neighborhood where all residents feel supported. Learn more about NRF.

Folks of Every Age Sharing a Table (FEAST)

FEAST creates an intentional, intergenerational space where people can cultivate age-embracing perspectives and joyful wisdom. Dinners bring together college students, faculty, older adults, and community leaders in aging. Note: FEAST is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

Pocket neighborhood

Orange County Department on Aging

PiAP provides consultation and technical assistance to the Orange County Department on Aging as it implements its 2022-2027 Master Aging Plan, which centers community input to imagine new models for housing, transportation, community services, outdoor spaces, and more. Learn more about PiAP’s partnership with the Orange County Department on Aging.


Interprofessional Education in Geriatrics

More than 235 UNC-Chapel Hill students work in interdisciplinary teams to explore complex social and medical issues common to older adults. Sharing expertise in nursing, medicine, social work, dentistry, pharmacy, PT, OT, nutrition, and speech & language pathology helps students expand their understandings of aging.

Arts Across Ages Carolina Seminars

The Arts Across Ages seminar series builds knowledge and strategies for UNC-Chapel Hill students and older adults to connect through visual arts, theater, dance, and more. The seminar series is a joint venture among UNC faculty and community leaders in aging.