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Aging Intentionally

Artistic Creativity as Renewal in Eldering by Richard Matzkin 

Bird Wisdom by Margaret Owen Thorpe 

Celebration of Age: A Wise Woman Ceremony by Berta Parrish 

Claiming Our Elderhood: Growing Elder and Not Just Older by Ron Pevny

Creativity in Later Life by Janice Blanchard

December Reflections by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Elder Wisdom: Walking the Path of Poetry by Rhoda Neshama Waller

Elder Wisdom by Caroline Bassett 

Epiphany of a Corporate Warrior by Ken Pyburn

Excavations in Three Parts by Bolton Anthony

Extraordinary in the Ordinary by Linda and Jim Henry

Fierce With Age by Carol Orsborn 

Friendships in Later Life by John G. Sullivan

Going with the Flow by Cecile Andrews

Healing the World by Judith Helburn 

Honoring the Cycles of Our Inner Seasons by Deborah Windrum 

Hoping for Hope by Linda Albert

Inner Life and Inner Retirement by Wolfe Zucker

Isn’t This Where We Started? Irony and Remembering in Late Life by Philip Stafford 

Journey to Becoming an Elder by Fred Lanphear

“Keeping the Little Things Little…” by John Sullivan

Kindling the Flames of Joy by Joan Englander 

“Knowing When to Resist, When to Accept” by Jim Vanden Bosch

Legacies of the Heart by Meg Newhouse

Life Planning for the Third Age by Meg Newhouse

Living Life at 60 by Deena Berke

Living Mindfully Through All the Hours of Our Days by John G. Sullivan

Markers in the Stream by John G. Sullivan 

Passionate Pursuit of Purpose by Helen Harkness

Paying it Forward by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Peace Through Peaceful Means by Betsy Crites

Portals to Conscious Elderhood by Ron Pevny 

Pursuing the Classics: A Personal Journey and Beyond by Ann Kirkland 

Recognition Rites for Elders by Tom Pinkson 

Seeking an Elder Culture by Connie Goldman

Spring’s Stirrings: The Art of Being a Beginner by John G. Sullivan

Stepping Toward the Sunrise by Trebbe Johnson

The Dance of Spirit in Later Life by Bolton Anthony

The Importance of Being Silly by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

The Inner Work of Eldering by Ron Pevny 

The InternShop by Julie Lopp

The Tao of Longevity by Drew Leder 

The Tapestry of Your Life by Nora Zylstra-Savage 

Vision and Creating the Future You Most Want by Bruce Elkin

Wake up, Show up, Lighten Up: The Three Ups to Aging Well by Trish Herbert

Walking Like Lions by Trebbe Johnson

Want a Good Bedtime Story? by Pat Samples

What are the BIG Questions? by Mira Steinbrecher

Work in the Third Age of Life by John G. Sullivan

Writing Your Way: A Guide to Writing and Aging with Spirit by Ellen S. Jaffe 


Aging Better Together by Anne P. Glass

An Artist Colony Where You Never have to Go Home by Tim Carpenter

Awakening to Community: Beyond the Veil of Separateness by John G. Sullivan

CBS Came and Filmed My Community! by Gaya Erlandson

Celebrate Our Connections with Others by Sue Ronnenkamp

Celebrating Community — Deeper Connections by Gaya Erlandson

Choosing a Community: One Couple’s Odyssey by John Cronin and Jonelle Soeling

Citywide Community: A Living Legacy by Gaya Erlandson

Connected to the Community: Current Aging-in-Place Choices by Susan Poor

Convening Circles of Elders by Lynne Iser

Creating and Sustaining Community by Emily Headley

Creating a “Compassionate Society” by Bolton Anthony

Creating Community in Later Life by Bolton Anthony

Dreaming Becomes Doing by Marianne Kilkenny

Dynamic Governance: Key to a Nurturing Community by Larilee Suiter

Dynamic Governance and Sharing Lives by Gaya Erlandson

Embracing Elders and Living Well by Gaya Erlandson and Paul Kervick

Embracing Generations and the Larger Community by Dorit Fromm

Five Innovative Community Concepts by Gaya Erlandson

Four Models of Later Life by Gaya Erlandson

Intentional Elder-Friendly Communities by Alex Mawhinney

Life at Beacon Hill Village by Susan McWhinney-Morse

Life in Takoma Village Cohousing by Ann Zabaldo

Moving Beyond Place by Bill Thomas

Not My Father’s Retirement by J. Alexander Mawhinney

Online Surveys Engage Older Adults in Community Planning by Mia Oberlink

Pocket Communities by Ross Chapin

Proactive Aging: “Circles of Aging” by Cynthia Trenshaw

Quiddler & Tap-dancing Clowns by Cynthia Trenshaw

Reading Roszak in Des Moines by Cecile Andrews

Reflections of a Movement Communitarian by Laird Schaub

Reweaving the Social Fabric of Our Communities by Janice Blanchard

Seeds of Collaborative Community by Gaya Erlandson

Summer’s Fullness by John G. Sullivan

The Gift in the Story by Chris Belding

The Making of an Elder Culture by Theodore Roszak

The Not So Big Community by Sarah Susanka

The Sharing Solution by Gaya Erlandson and Janelle Orsi

The Ties that Bind by Tobi A. Abramson

Touching the Soul of Community by Roger Harrison, Ph.D.

What I Learned in an Ecovillage by Françoise Ducroz

When the Oil Gives Out by Theodore Roszak

Writing in Groups by Paula Papky


Earth Elders and Conservation


An Elder Vision Quest by Helen Kolff

Autumn’s Way: Releasing and Simplifying by John G. Sullivan

Discharging Your Loyal Soldier: Shadow Work For Elders by Richard Rohr

Dreams and Elder Initiations by Harry R. Moody

Elderhood Initiation: A Personal Story by Larry Hobbs

Everyday Mysticism by Carol Cober

Extended Consciousness by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Healing the World by Judith Helburn

Honoring Our Elders: The Sprite of Elder Spirit by Drew Leder

Honoring Our Elders | Reb Zalman: Living from the Light by Robert C. Atchley

Inner Life and Inner Retirement by Wolfe Zucker

Living Mindfully Through All the Hours of Our Days by John G. Sullivan

Mindfulness and Mindlessness by Ellen Langer

Pentecost with Andrew Harvey: Thoughts on Sacred Activism by Claudia Moore

Plunging Inward for the Giving Words by Ellen B. Ryan

Portals to Conscious Elderhood by Ron Pevny

Re-Entry by Margaret Bendet

Releasing the Past by Ron Pevny

Remembrance as a Spiritual Practice by John G. Sullivan

Service as Spiritual Practice by Roger Walsh

Serving From Spirit by Claudia Moore

Spiritual Activism and Liberation Spirituality by Horwitz and Vega-Frey

Spirituality and Service in the Third Age by John G. Sullivan

Spring’s Stirrings: The Art of Being a Beginner by John G. Sullivan

Summer’s Fullness by John G. Sullivan

The Gifts of Winter by John G. Sullivan

The Hidden Work of Eldering by John G. Sullivan

The Indian Bard and the Beloved: Tagore—Poet, Mystic, and Reformer by Linda George

The Purpose Choice: Keeping the Flame Alive by Richard Leider

The Tao of Longevity by Drew Leder

The Yellow Brick Road of Not Knowing by Jane F. Gilgun

Two Halves Becoming Whole by John G. Sullivan

Writings as a Spiritual Practice by Ellen B. Ryan



Miscellaneous Topics

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