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This is a good-bye for now.

As of July 1, 2021, the wAGING change blog will go on hiatus.

As the primary writer for wAGING change over the past 8 months, I have enjoyed sparking conversations about issues related to aging that prompt us all to entertain new possibilities and ways of thinking. It has been intriguing to see the locations and professions of readers through our postings on social media, and to wonder how the ideas are taking hold – what is their legacy, if you will?

Given that our most recent posts have been about legacy, I would like to offer up an idea brewing in my head from the reading I have done about this concept: that legacy is not what is left behind, but rather what we contribute to in any given moment that engages others and evolves beyond the present time. Perhaps the legacy of these brief months of wAGING change is simply contributions to a  conversation that is moving around the world, engaging with other conversations that push the boundaries of how we conceptualize and honor a long life. How exciting! How humbling.

I am moving on to other job roles and leaving my position with the UNC Partnerships in Aging Program (PiAP), a dynamic program that enacts its work through enduring partnerships with other organizations. It has been my privilege to speak on PiAP’s behalf in this forum. Dr. Cherie Rosemond and her team will decide how and in what form to continue with the blog in the future. Please connect with PiAP if you have ideas or questions, and keep on wAGING change!

Jenny Womack

©2021 JLWomack Professor: Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy UNC-Chapel Hill

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