Mission: The Partnerships in Aging Program’s mission is to create and support collaboration between the University and the Community to advance new cultural norms about aging, re-define elderhood, and to create innovations in education and practice.

Vision:  PiAP envisions a world in which every age is celebrated and elderhood is viewed as a time for continued growth, thriving, and participation.

PiAP takes a multi-pronged approach to fulfilling this vision:

  • Enter into reciprocal relationships with local, state, national, and global partners to promote innovation and inclusion in aging services and programs.
  • Connect the resources and talents of aging service organizations with those of UNC students and faculty.
  • Create and promote intergenerational initiatives.
  • Explore the arts/humanities as a way to nurture dialogue about the personal and societal meaning of having a long life.
  • Serve as a campus-wide hub for cross-disciplinary curricula, projects and internships in aging.
  • Advance civic engagement as a way to bring about a new kind of aging.

Develop practical, dynamic initiatives in response to the cultural, economic and demographic shifts occurring as a result of our rapidly aging population.