In the 21st century, later life offers a time for growth, contribution, and extended vitality. PiAP’s mission is to advance innovations in education, practice, and research, by connecting aging service organizations with the resources and talent of a great public university. Shifting the paradigm away from inevitable decline to opportunity, we frame long life as a triumph that calls for new, interdisciplinary collaborations to promote individual and collective wellbeing across the spectrum of ages.

PiAP takes a two-pronged approach to fulfilling its mission.  Looking outward, we enter into truly reciprocal relationships with local, state, national, and global partners to promote innovation and inclusion in aging services and programs.  Simultaneously, we serve as a campus-wide hub for cross-disciplinary curricula, projects and internships in aging.   Together, PiAP and its partners develop practical, dynamic responses to the cultural, economic and demographic shifts occurring as a result of our rapidly aging population.