The Partnerships in Aging Program (PiAP) is a campus-wide program at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. At PiAP we understand later life in the 21st century as a time for continued growth and invigoration. We want to challenge stereotypes that frame aging as an experience of diminishment and loss. By collaborating with organizations and institutions we nurture dialogue about the personal and societal meaning of having a long life, and advance civic engagement as a way to bring about a new kind of aging. PiAP provides expertise and resources to UNC faculty, students, and community partners seeking to reframe the aging experience, together.

About the cover image: The image of the Gingko Leaf featured on our website belongs to the Ginkgo Biloba tree. Ginkgo Biloba is the only living species in its division, all others being extinct. Ginkgo trees are known for their ability to grow and thrive, even in disturbed environments. The gingko leaf represents resilience, and fortitude, qualities that are central to PiAP’s understanding of aging.